Retail architecture is about enticing potential customers to enter a distinct atmosphere, which will then excite and encourage them to purchase items.

TECTA associates has the knowledge and experience to bring all the right elements together to help make your business successful.

Our retail projects include shopping centers, individual stores and roll-outs, building renovations and more. Clients draw upon our experience: positive solutions are the result of close work with our clients.

Our Process

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Site Survey & Due Diligence

We perform Site surveys and Due Diligence early in the process to help you make informed choices and develop budgets early. Existing building constraints must be carefully reviewed so that equipment and utilities can be properly placed.[/asvc_list_item]

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Feasibility Studies

With the knowledge gathered from Due Diligence, we study the feasibility of the site and location to fit your program needs.[/asvc_list_item]

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We negotiate entitlement steps including Staff Level Approval, Planning, Commissions, Design Review Boards, City Councils and Neighborhood Associations.[/asvc_list_item]

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Prototype Designs

A prototype makes or breaks a concept. How does the concept communicate effectively? Our designers set the language to effectively sell.[/asvc_list_item]

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Shell Building Design

Good design starts with curb appeal. Whether adapting an existing building to your concept or designing a new shell, our designers make statements.[/asvc_list_item]

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Construction Drawings and Specifications

We create construction drawings and calculate specifications so your project turns out perfectly.[/asvc_list_item]

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We help you effectively manage multi-unit restaurant roll-outs and schedule milestones important to individual and collective unit openings.[/asvc_list_item]

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Lighting & System Design

We help to create optimum lighting for the right ambiance and well conditioned spaces for just the right environmental comfort.[/asvc_list_item]

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Permit Expediting

We have relationships with most building departments and have staff tasked to getting your plans through the building department as quickly as possible.[/asvc_list_item]

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Construction Administration

We oversee every aspect of construction from start to finish to ensure the best outcome for your project.[/asvc_list_item]


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