Designing and building your dream home can be stressful every step of the way: from permit applications being denied to expenses soaring out of proportion.

TECTA helps ease the way from conception to completion. We are also highly skilled in permit expediting.

Combine all this with expert designers and competent architects and the end result is a comfortable home designed intelligently and creatively.

Our Process

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Site and Building Walk-Through

Due Diligence is s big part of a home purchase or lot selection. We are part of and central to the inspection team, to help protect you and to advise early on what might be possible and what might not.[/asvc_list_item]

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Curb appeal, functionality, good neighbor relations and zoning and building codes all play a role in what a house can be. Our design architects are skilled at creating distinctive spaces that dazzle and satisfy while recognizing constraints.[/asvc_list_item]

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We negotiate entitlement steps including Staff Level Approval, Planning, Commissions, Design Review Boards, City Councils and Neighborhood Associations.[/asvc_list_item]

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Construction Drawings and Specifications

We create construction drawings and calculate specifications so your project turns out perfectly.[/asvc_list_item]

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Permit Expediting

We have relationships with most building departments and have staff tasked to getting your plans through the building department as quickly as possible.[/asvc_list_item]

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Construction Administration

We oversee every aspect of construction from start to finish to ensure the best outcome for your project.[/asvc_list_item]

Most Frequented Cities

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Recent Projects

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