Gunderson Direct

On February 22, 2018, the team at Gunderson Direct, a direct mail marketing company who handle contracts with notable companies such as Wells Fargo and Postmates, moved into their brand-new office designed by TECTA Associates, a San Francisco based architecture and interior design firm.


Gunderson Direct’s new office is located at 1275 A Street, Hayward, California 94541. The TECTA associates team was lead by Principal Architect Ahmad Mohazab along with Design Manager Alina Cherny, and Project Coordinator Anjeeta Maharaj.  The team created a light, modern office space by raising the ceiling height in the main open office area and used large format TechZone ceiling panels by Armstrong, an integrated ceiling system that organizes the technical services that penetrate the ceiling into narrow linear technical zones, which create a more monolithic, uncluttered ceiling, which a contemporary space demands. To further elevate the look, TECTA used two types of ceiling panels, a light wood for the large main office and a conference room and a clear smooth white for the rest of the space.


The office features sliding barn doors for private offices and conference room. Additionally, the space features LEED certified materials such as decorative carved Plyboo panels, LED lights throughout and composite countertops.  Furthermore, the design team utilized Gunderson Direct’s signature orange color and complimented it with the comfortable pallet of whites, grays, and light wood finished. This was achieved in accordance with LEED standards with the use of low VOC paints.

Cosmetique Aesthetics

A sneak peek of Cosmetique Aesthetics’ new office in Culver City.  It will be an immersive patient experience of luxury, comfort, technological advancement and the revered patient care by Dr. Ramin Sarshad, M.D. and his staff.

Don’t worry they are still open for business during the renovation just down the street.

Temporary Location:
10830 W Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232


Esan Classic

The Esan (or Isan) name refers to both the region and the Thai-Laotian population of northeastern Thailand. Archeologists have unearthed evidence of Lao culture dating back to over 5,600 years ago originating in Esan. The majority of the rural area consists of farmers and an agricultural based society. A strong work ethic and large families have combined to create a unique and interesting style and cuisine type. Farm to table has been part of their cuisine for centuries, where only the freshest local ingredients are gathered and used daily.
Esan Classic is the result of years of collaboration between Chef Tom Silagorn (from Lers Ros) and Chef Chanon Hutasingh. Both Tom and Chanon are Thai natives with a passion for cooking. Both chefs have periodically traveled around Thailand exploring and researching the distinct cuisines of each region several times. It is in Esan that they found the unique and flavorful type of cuisine that they wanted to focus on and explore. Esan Classic was created to showcase the original Esan ingredients and flavors that Tom and Chanon have honed and refined over the years.

Victory Blvd. Apartments

The Victory Blvd. apartment building will be located in the West Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The building will consist of 14 units with 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units all with equal full bathrooms.  The building will have four floors of units, two levels of gated underground parking with 28 spots, 17 secure bicycle parking spots, a recreation room and in-unit laundry.

The building will be an ideal location for those working in Van Nuys, Downtown Los Angeles, Century City, Beverly Hills, West Los Angles, and Santa Monica.

In addition, it is located just a block from the Fallbrook Mall which has shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and amenities that include The Home Depot, Michael’s, Ross, AMC Theaters, Walmart, Target, Sprouts Market, Trader Joe’s, 24 Hour Fitness, Starbucks, and Ralph’s, among others.


The Catamount

The Catamount opens in April 2017 in the historic heart of Old Town Los Gatos. The team behind the Presidio Social Club in San Francisco chose the restaurant name that pays a playful homage to the town’s history, LosGatos, referring to the mountain cats indigenous to the local area and the surrounding landscape.

A comfortable neighborhood restaurant, The Catamount features a Social Club vibe and menu of approachable New American cuisine.


“Back A Yard” is a term most Caribbean Nationals or tourists that visit the Caribbean are usually familiar with. The terminology represents the lifestyle, culture, spirit, cuisine and the festive mood of welcoming visitors to your home. Simply meaning, the way things are done “Back Home.”

Californians can identify with Back A Yard, seeing the vast number of people, migrating and visiting from all over the US to experience the lifestyle, spirit and great cuisines.


Beso Bistronomia offers high-quality Spanish (Catalan Tapas) cuisine in a friendly, local bistro environment.

Our food is served in small plates meant to be shared with friends and family.

Beso has its exclusive farm. Napa Kitchen Gardens is the exclusive grower for the Bisou Group, providing locally grown, super fresh organic, baby specialty produces and herbs.

Chef Nick Ronan and his chefs design seasonal menus with the Farm Manager in order to facilitate a unique grow to order connection that supports ever-changing seasonal menus.

Rootstock Wine Bar

Rootstock Wine Bar celebrates the wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara County while offering local organic cuisine in the form of enjoyable delectable small plates and antipasti.